Solar PV array and Heat Pump at Caldbeck Surgery

Caldbeck Surgery would like to obtain competitive tenders for the installation of green technologies to include a heat pump system to replace existing central heating, and a solar PV and battery system at Caldbeck Surgery, Friar Row, Caldbeck, Wigton CA7 8DS

Details of the opportunity 

Interested parties are invited to bid for any combination of the following Lots:

  1. Air-to-water or air-to-air heat pumps suitable to heat our ~360 sqm GP surgery
  2. Solar PV to reduce our ~56,000 kWh electricity use PA
  3. Storage batteries to optimise our use of solar power

What is required from interested parties

If you are interested in the work please provide a written quote including:

  • Which Lot(s) you are bidding for
  • If Lot 1, heat pump, whether you are offering an air-to-water or air-to-air solution
  • If Lots 2 & 3 combined, cost and ROI calculation for each Lot separately
  • Full installation costs
  • Itemised ‘return on investment’ calculations
  • Identification of any space required in the building for plant
  • An outline of the installation timeline bearing in mind we need to maintain our service throughout installation
  • Any ancillary work required that we will have to procure separately
  • At least two trade references

How the successful supplier(s) will be chosen 

The following factors will determine our selection:

  1. CO2/ energy savings per £ invested
  2. A proven capability to install the solution relevant to the Lot(s) bid for
  3. Minimal impact on our working environment both to install and operate

Deadline and details of how to apply

Closing date for applications: Friday 15th July 5pm

Interested parties should contact Martin Woodham by email at [email protected]

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