The Climate Emergency

The Climate Emergency

Let's create a low-carbon Lake District

The Lake District of 2050 will probably feel very different from today. As climate change takes hold, weather patterns will alter and extreme events will become more common. The coastline will change, as will conditions for all wildlife.

But the changes we need to make to move to a low-carbon Lake District will bring additional benefits to our communities and visitors.

Resilient communities that cut their energy costs and generate renewable energy will prosper.

So will businesses that tap into the growing market for low-impact products and services.

Transport options like bikes, boats, buses and, of course, boots are all low in carbon but high in fun and great for our physical activity and mental health.

We can lock greenhouse gases into the landscape through good land management.

Above all, we can encourage the millions of people who visit the Lake District to join us in taking action.

How can I contribute?

Everyone: You can read more details about the science of climate change, or take a look at Climate science explained – short guide by Green Alliance

Visitors: Try and travel to and around the Lake District on sustainable transport and support the Fix the Fells work to protect footpaths, and save carbon by preventing erosion.

Homeowners: think about renewable energy. For biomass fuel systems, our co-funded Warmth from wood booklet has some great real-life examples.

Land managers: Read our advice for managaing land for carbon


Together, we can make a difference.

For more information visit www.lakedistrict.gov.uk/caringfor/policies/lowcarbonlakedistrict

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