First Edition 2018 LD£ Gift Set with First Edition Storybook


Each LD£ tells a story and every LD£ you collect helps keep the Lake District special!

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Buy the Special First Edition Storybook and 2018 Gift Set together and receive a generous discount on the list price.

A perfect souvenir or gift for someone who loves the Lake District. This Special First Edition Storybook features a special fold-out for fun presentation of your 2018 LD£. It’s printed on 66 pages of luxurious, locally-made paper, produced and supplied by James Cropper PLC.

This 2018 LD£ Gift Set contains a set of perfect condition, uncirculated Lake District Pounds – LD£20, LD£10, LD£5 & LD£1 –  all featuring your own unique serial number.

Every LD£ Storybook Set you buy helps fund important local projects that care for our communities and landscapes. Thanks for helping us keep the Lake District special! 

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