We’ve launched a new project aiming to improve the biodiversity and water quality of England’s largest lake.

Campaigners have recently highlighted a decline in Windermere’s water quality. Now, we’re partnering with South Cumbria Rivers Trust and Windermere Science Festival to spearhead direct action to restore the life of the lake.

A fundraising campaign is taking place during the national ‘Big Green Give’ week which starts on Thursday 18th April and ends at noon on Thursday 25th April.

Our aim is to double £40,000 pledged by local businesses, Trusts and philanthropists, to secure £80,000 to support the life of the lake.

Funds raised will go towards restoring and planting 1400 square metres of reedbeds in Windermere. The project will harness ‘reed power’ which will boost biodiversity, support water quality and reduce erosion, as well as creating sustainable eco-systems.

Sarah Swindley, Lake District Foundation CEO said:

“This wonderful lake, treasured by millions, is facing extreme environmental and climate pressure.

We know the challenges that Windermere is up against, now it’s time to take positive action.

We have an amazing opportunity to raise £80,000 to fund the life of the lake, but we can’t do that without your support.

We desperately need everyone who cares about Windermere to make this fundraising drive count by donating what you can and sharing the campaign with friends, family and colleagues.

We only have 7 days to reach our goal.”

Open water swimmers including Team GB Olympic swimmer Hector Pardoe, who will be competing in the Paris games this summer, have backed the campaign. Pardoe spoke in support of the project:

“Having visited the Lake District for many years now, I’ve become increasingly passionate about preserving its beauty. The serene lakes and lush landscapes have not only provided me with a sense of tranquillity but have also underscored the importance of protecting our natural resources.”

Lake District Foundation Ambassador Thao Nunns said:

“This is such an important campaign and I’m proud to support it. Windermere is an icon, famous around the world for its beauty. The lake is also a vital eco-system and we should do everything we can to protect it for generations to come.”

Nunns, who works with the Lake District-based outdoors group Wonderful Wild Women continued, “There is increased awareness on the challenges facing the lake, but I’m pleased to see real action happening to improve the situation. I hope that everyone who loves Windermere can get behind this campaign and help to raise the funds needed.”

Hue thanks to the business and organisations who have pledged to match funds raised during the week: Langdale Estates, Lakes Distillery, Cedar Manor, Burn How Garden House Hotel, Lake District National Park Authority and the Reed Foundation.

Big Green Give week runs from 18th – 25th April 2024.

Support the campaign at lakedistrictfoundation.org/biggive

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