Hedge heroes add to bio-diversity in Braithwaite

Braithwaite Institute has planted 80m of native hedgerow thanks to a £1,600 grant from The Lake District Foundation.

It applied to our Real Hedge Fund which gives funding to projects which help replace lost hedges and trees.

Peter Walter, Braithwaite Institute Chair of the Trustees, said.“We are lucky enough to have a huge site that hosts a cricket pitch, football pitch, tennis courts and bowling green, and we were keen to make our land as nature friendly as possible.

“This grant from the Real Hedge Fund has meant we can create a hedgerow full of nature friendly, native bushes and trees that we hope will add to the bio-diversity of our land. The hedgerow will also provide screening between our large car-park and sports fields.”

Tom Dutson and his team from Heartwood Enterprises planted the hedgerow.

Sarah Swindley, Chief Executive Lake District Foundation said: “We are delighted to support this important project. Hedges are wonderful things – they connect habitats, improve biodiversity, store carbon, and help prevent flooding.”

“Cumbria has been hit very badly this winter with severe storms which has seen thousands of trees and hedges destroyed. This makes planting projects like the one at Braithwaite even more important. The Foundation is committed to raising funds to help restore Cumbria’s lost trees.”

The Lake District Foundation’s Real Hedge Fund – which helps create and restore Cumbria’s hedgerows – has turned its focus to planting new trees and hedges lost in recent winter storms.

The charity will match-fund donations up to £5000. Every £25 donated by individuals or businesses will help create one metre of bio-diverse hedgerow or up to five saplings for replanting.

Donate to the Real Hedge Fund.

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