English Lake District World Heritage Site

What is it?

To be part of the World Heritage Site family, sites must be of outstanding universal value. The English Lake District became a World Heritage Site in 2017 under UNESCO’s Cultural Landscape category, meaning that it is globally important for ‘the combined works of nature and of man’.
There are three themes which sum up why the Lake District is so important. They are all interlinked and helped to shape the Lake District both in terms of its land use and protection:

  1. A landscape of exceptional beauty, shaped by persistent and distinctive agro-
    pastoral traditions and local industry which gives it special character.
  2. A landscape which has inspired artistic and literary movements and generated ideas
    about landscapes that have had global influence and left their physical mark.
  3. A landscape which has been the catalyst for key developments in the national and
    international protection of landscapes.

More information on these can be found here: The English Lake District

Heritage no longer At Risk

Over the last 12 years the amount of ‘Heritage at Risk’ in the Lake District has substantially declined in relation to listed buildings and scheduled ancient monuments. The rate of removal from the register has slowed recently, as the last few present more complex management challenges requiring more resource.

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