Vibrant Communities and a Prosperous Economy following Covid-19

What is it?

As well as building on a strong visitor economy, we need to enable a diverse range of employment opportunities, capitalising on Cumbria’s attractiveness as a place to live and work. Our communities are ageing and this will present pressure on rural services and the sustainability of our settlements. Across Cumbria there is an urgent need to attract and retain young people to visit, live and work, but in some communities in the Lake District over half the housing stock is being used as second or holiday homes meaning many young people and working families cannot afford to buy open market homes.

What we are trying to achieve is set out in the Partnership Plan here:

Source: Cumbria Tourism STEAM (Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor) survey data, published 2022)

Broadband Coverage

Source: Connecting Cumbria
*USO (Universal Service Obligation) refers to a universal right to a decent broadband connection (at greater than 10 mega bits per second)’.

Digital Connectivity

Connecting individuals, communities and visitors through decent broadband provision is an important action for the Partnership, enabling both leisure and business activity.
In 2022 the Partnership acknowledged that 4G mobile phone coverage was an essential resource for residents and visitors alike and therefore agreed to add a new action to the Plan to ensure that improvements in coverage are delivered.

Source: Connecting Cumbria
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