As a member of the Lake District National Park Partnership, we are committed to preserving the natural environment and delivering projects that aim to mitigate the impact of climate change and maintain a balance in the ecosystem. 

Investible projects

Sustainability Small Grant Scheme


We are looking for investors who want to support innovative local solutions to addressing climate change and improving resilience. We would love to talk to investors who want to support a small community grant scheme that help deliver our mission for a cleaner, more sustainable Lake District.  


We will work with your business to develop specific grant criteria on any aspect of climate resilience. For example, grants to support communities to: reduce carbon outputs; increase recycling; conserve water; develop green infrastructure; improve sustainable transport. The Lake District Foundation will administer and promote the programme, engage with communities, and measure impact. 

Investment Needed

£15,000 – £30,000  


  • Improved community response to the climate crisis 
  • More sustainable communities in the Lake District 
  • Increased community contribution to net zero 
  • Communities more engaged and informed about sustainable solutions 

Return On Investment

  • Meet you specific ESG/CSR goals 
  • Raise your profile – branded grant scheme 
  • Engage with communities 
  • Enhanced brand image 
  • Tax deductible donation 

To discuss an investment in a sustainable grant scheme please contact Steve:  [email protected]g 

Woodland Creation


Community tree planting initiatives across the Lake District 


Provision of small grants to community groups and organisations to recruit volunteers to plant and maintain trees. The Lake District Foundation will develop, administer, and measure the impact of the programme. 


Trees are one of the best nature-based solutions to climate change. 

  • More engaged communities 
  • Improved air quality 
  • Carbon reduction 
  • Improved water quality 
  • Improved local skill base 


Sponsorship of 2 hectares plus maintenance £25,000 

0.5 hectare of community woodland £5,000 

Purchase of trees to cover 0.5 hectare £2,000  

People upskilling and planting £1,000 

Maintenance days £1,000 

Or donate £50. £100, £500, £1000 now to support the LDF fund 


Return on Investment

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): By investing with us you can have a positive impact on local communities in the Lake District 
  • Brand visibility and image 
  • Environmental stewardship: meeting ESG priorities.  
  • Tourism and recreation enhancement 
  • Partnerships and collaboration – strengthening your connection with local communities  
  • Tax benefits 


To explore ideas and ways we can work together contact Steve at [email protected] 

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