The Lake District’s landscapes, with its serene lakes, rolling hills, and rugged mountains, attract millions of visitors annually. Cultural heritage plays a key role in the Lake District by shaping the ways of living and supporting the local economy through tourism.  

Investible projects

Lakes Cultural Heritage Grant Scheme  

We are looking for investors to fund a small grant scheme that supports communities to revive traditional industries, crafts and traditions. Many of these traditions are being lost. By investing in the revival of traditional practices you can help upskill young people, build community cohesion, identify and support the tourism economy. 


We will work with your business to develop specific grant criteria on any aspect of cultural heritage. For example, grants to support communities to: revive traditional crafts: increase and revive skills; promote literature/arts; restore agricultural practices. The Lake District Foundation will administer and promote the programme, engage with communities, and measure impact. 

Investment needed

  • £15,000 – £25,000   


  • Improved skills 
  • Enhanced cultural identify 
  • Diversified tourism offer 
  • Employment and business opportunities for young people 
  • Retained traditional customs and practices  

Return on investment  

  • Enhanced brand reputation and image 
  • Engaging with communities 
  • Meet corporate social objectives 
  • Tourism and recreation enhancement  
  • Tax deductible donation 

To explore investment opportunities, contact Steve via [email protected] 

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