Stay Carbon Monoxide Safe 4 Summer

Carbon monoxide outside of the home

It’s not just in the house that you must be carbon monoxide safe. Anywhere that fossil fuels are burnt, CO can occur. Ensure that appliances are checked and maintained, barbecues are ALWAYS in open air (even after they have gone out), and you have a CO alarm present.

  1. Camping Tents – Never take a camping stove into a tent. Even after extinguishing. CO can continue to be produced for hours
  2. Caravans and Motorhomes – Appliances such as gas fires/cookers, or petrol-powered generators should be maintained and a CO alarm installed
  3. Boats – Similar to caravans and motorhomes, boats can contain fuel burning devices which should be maintained and a CO alarm should be present.
  4. Car Exhausts – Car exhausts produce carbon monoxide, so never leave a car running in a confined space, such as a garage.

The Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide starves the body of oxygen. Making individuals feel unwell, and therefore is potentially mistaken as a cold or flu. The longer the exposure to carbon monoxide, the worse the symptoms become. High levels of carbon monoxide exposure can be fatal.

  1. Headaches
  2. Dizzyness, tireness or confusion
  3. Stomach pain or sickness
  4. Difficulty breathing


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