Sustainable Grant Fund

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About the Fund

The Sustainable Grant Fund is designed to support small accommodation providers (3 – 15 bedrooms) based in Cumbria, that have worked with Booking.com for a minimum of 12 months, to implement more sustainable business projects and practices.  

Fundable projects include: 

  • Energy efficiency upgrades: Energy-efficient upgrades, such as installing energy-saving appliances, LED lighting, insulation, or smart thermostats. 
  • Renewable energy installation: Installing solar panels, wind turbines, or other renewable energy systems to generate clean, on-site energy. 
  • Water conservation measures: Implement water-saving measures, such as low-flow fixtures, rainwater harvesting systems, or greywater recycling systems. 
  • Water quality measures: Additional maintenance and upgrades to septic tanks and private waste water treatment works to remove Phosphorus, inspections to check and correct sewage water connections
  • Sustainable building renovations: Upgrading windows, doors, or roofing materials to improve energy efficiency. 
  • Green infrastructure: Green roof systems, permeable paving, or rain gardens, to manage stormwater runoff and improve biodiversity. 
  • Sustainable transportation: Electric vehicle charging stations, provide bicycles for guests, or promote eco-friendly transportation options in partnership with local organizations and transportation providers. 

Projects will be assessed by a grant panel. Grants will be awarded to projects with the highest resource savings and highest likelihood to be implemented.

Qualifying businesses will be awarded up to 50% of project costs up to a maximum grant value of £2000. The total fund size is £22,000.

All projects will need to be completed by November 2024.

You will need to acknowledge the funder for any support received via your social media or website.

We cannot support projects that have already commenced or are already complete.


9 Jan 2024
18 Nov 2024


Fund opens for applications, apply online here

Grant Panel meetings

Projects completed and evidence submitted to LDF 

Organisational Eligibility

To be eligible you must:

  1. Be based in Cumbria
  2. Be a small accommodation provider (3 – 15 bedrooms)
  3. Have been working with Booking.com since July 2023
  4. Be able to provide energy or resource use data before and after the project is implemented

Top Tip

Calculating your organisational carbon footprint will help you to decide where to focus your efforts. 

Here are some free online tools to try:

Application Process

We are an ethical funder and we will strive to make sure that the process is transparent and fair. To apply to this fund:

1. Complete an online Application Form

2. Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of the decision by email by 11th March 2024.

3. If you are successful, you will be sent a grant offer letter including a grant agreement and a payment schedule. The grant offer will be time limited and you will be required to sign and return a copy of the offer.

4. If you are unsuccessful, we will provide feedback and suggest other sources of funding and support where possible.

5. Upon return of a signed offer letter, you may them initiate your project.

6. Once your project is complete and paid for, submit evidence to use via a Project Monitoring Form to receive your grant payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much funding can I apply for?

We are able to offer 50% of the cost of the project, up to a maximum grant of £2000 per project, paid in arrears on project completion.

Do I need to be ready to start my project now?

You will need to be ready to start your project within 3 months of an offer being made, and projects must be completed and paid for by 18th November 2024.

Can the Lake District Foundation recommend any suppliers?

The Lake District Foundation is unable to recommend any suppliers. You could try the Cumbria Action for Sustainability Green Building & Lifestyle Directory. The directory includes a wide range of suppliers who can help you make your home more energy efficient or green up your lifestyle in other ways. CAfS does not quality check, endorse or recommend any suppliers. It is an independent listing, to help you find a range of suppliers. CAfS encourages you to fully research your chosen technologies and suppliers. https://cafs.org.uk/suppliers/


Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act Statement 

We need to store your data on our database in order to give you the full assistance under this scheme.  All information given will be held for a period of 7 years and only used in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2016.  As a requirement of our grant funding, we will need to share your information with our funding providers, booking.com.

When submitting an application, you will be asked to acknowledge your agreement for us to hold and share your information. Please note that if you do not agree to us sharing your information, we will be unable to offer you full assistance under the scheme.


Contact Us

For support with your application please email: [email protected]  

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